About Porchetta Industries


Most of the Information Security industry relies on Open Source Security tools (both Offensive and Defensive) for consultations, trainings and sometimes internal capabilities. Yet, if you speak to the developers of these tools, you'll find there is little to no support being given back by the same companies that use them.

While initiatives such as Github Sponsors and Open Collective have helped, they are primarily geared towards the mainstream development community and not the Infosec/Hacking community. Additionally they are meant for individuals wanting to donate, not companies.

Porchetta Industries was founded with the intent to "bridge the gap" between the developers of Open Source Security tools and the companies relying on them. We provide a centralized way for organizations to directly support all of the developers on our platform and in return provide them with exclusive updates, perks and content while at the same time continuing to provide a net benefit to the Open Source Information Security/Hacking Community at large.

How are we doing this exactly? We're approaching this problem from a few different angles:

Direct monetary support: all profits made through subscriptions are split between all of the tool developers on our platform.

Transparency: ... it's essential. every 12 months we will publish a full report detailing the money we collected and donated to the developers on our platform.

Exclusive Updates, Perks & Content for Subscribing Companies: Any organization subscribing to Porchetta Industries receives exclusive tool updates, perks and content before they are made generally available ️ through a timed release.

Community Support & Engagement: We want to keep giving back to the Infosec/Hacking community, that's always been our number one priority as tool developers and will never change. We don't want to make anyone feel left out even though Porchetta Industries is primarily meant for companies. Besides publicly releasing any content, tools and updates (after a defined time frame) that at first is exclusively given access to our subscribers, individuals that submit meaningful Pull Request to the public repositories of the tools on our platform (and subsequently get accepted) will receive lifetime access to the private updates & content for that tool. We will also be working with our subscribers to provide free goodies to the community