Frequently Asked Questions


I'm a Infosec/Hacking tool developer, how do I join the Porchetta Industries platform and receive funding for my tool(s)?

Right now Porchetta Industries is an invite-only platform as we have no idea if this business model can work and is sustainable. As we grow, we will be sending out invites to developers that have met a certain level of quality and popularity in the Infosec/Hacking community with their tools and we deem to warrant funding through our platform.

Additionally, a balance between the number of developers funded on our platform and

subscribers has to always be taken into consideration in order to make it worth while for the individual developers who join us.

If we do see this business model working, further down the road we intend to make a

public portal where developers can submit their tool for review in order to join our platform. We currently have no ETA on this.

We recommend subscribing to our mailing list and joining our official Discord server to keep up-to-date on the latest news in regards to invites, status of the public submission portal & new tools added to the platform.

I run a publicly available Linux distribution. Can I subscribe to gain access to the exclusive updates and package them in my distro?

It's against our Terms of Service to do so without our explicit permission. Please contact us directly and it may be possible to work something out.

I'm an individual not a company/organization. Can I still subscribe?

You technically could but Porchetta Industries is meant for companies/organizations. However, as an individual , if you submit a meaningful Pull Request (that gets merged) to any of our tool's public repositories, you will receive lifetime access to that tool's exclusive updates, content and perks ❤️